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GEN2 Optics Reference Designs and XR Testbed

To demonstrate HO140 pancake lens capabilities and VRDom architecture, we provide a reference designs for a 3DOF VR headset. All of our reference designs come with accompanying SDK and can include customization as per customer request.   There are two reference design kits (RDK) demonstrating user experience (UX) equivalent to real VR device and helping to shorten time to market (TTM) for the customers:

1. VR140.GEN2.RDK demonstrates standard architecture VR headset with 112°x95° FoV (130° diagonal) , 18ppd and supports up to 140° FoV and 40ppd for appropriate display size and resolution.

2. VR240.GEN2.RDK is a proprietary VRDom architecture where for each eye there is a central and peripheral visual unit with software for seamless stitching. The RDK covers complete horizontal human FoV of 240°.

In addition to evaluate FoV and visual fidelity we provide Motorize Camera Testbed (MCT) with multiple camera modules (fish-eye and zoomed and with pupil-aperture regulation) and Z, X and rotational motorized movements to emulate IPD, ER and gaze of the eye. 

Our MCT is also could be adjusted to any VR/XR headset for comparative analysis between different VR modules. Special feature we are developing for pancake lenses evaluation is ghosts analysis, so ghosts to signal ratio (G2S) of different pancake lens layers could be measured for prioritization how further reduce ghosts in the pancake lens.

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