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End to end Metaverse Immersive presence 

Complete (270°) & Compact (Sunglasses) ​

Field of View technology for the VR/XR world​

Hypervision is a deep tech innovative technology pioneer in the VR/XR world, building the next generation of Extended Reality with a true human sight Field of View (FoV) in a compact form factor​


The VR/XR headsets, based on pass-through methods, are facing multiple challenges and current disadvantages​​

Narrow Field of View​




Human field of view​

Lack off:​

  • Motion estimation​

  • Situational awareness​

  • Forms identification​


  • Motion sickness​

  • Tunnel vision​

  • False Reality​

Bulky Form Factor​


Bulky ​

market requirement - compact standard  ​


The headset size is the number one barrier for user adoption of VR/XR technology. The headset form factor plays a major role in the expansion of the VR industry.  ​

The Future
Is Here!


XR/RR270, the first of its kind, 100% human FoV coverage mixed with real World 270°/360° foveated​ XR pass-through technology In addition, the XR270° includes Facial/Gaze tracking capabilities, mimic avatar​ engine and personal headset adjustment guide​

  • Complete Field of View (270°) ​

  • Compact form Factor (Sunglasses size)​

  • Novel Optical Architecture

  • 4 x HyperOcular 170° (HO170)​

  • 4 x Micro Displays (2K+ resolution)​

  • 270°/360° foveated​ external world vision ​

  • Internal facial vision-User Guide + Facial/Gaze tracker + Mimic avatar    ​


Target market/ Audience ​

Initial focus – Human Interface vendors (HP, Sony, Facebook, Huawei, Reliance, Apple, etc.)​​

Hypervison offering fits applications/vendors that require visual fidelity, situational awareness and believable 360° visual stimulation (360° video content, training, remote presence, operations, CAD/CAM collaboration, etc.) as well.​

Market & Market Size/ Opportunity ​

VR/XR growth in 3-5 years ↝$150B​

increasesed focus of leading vendors to place XR as core strategy​

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Arthur Rabner, Ph.D.


Dror Galis

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Michael Kanevsky

Hypervision foundation team is holding proven entrepreneurship experience and the relevant technological background in hardware, near-eye optics, software, and complex multi-disciplinary projects, required to successfully achieve the company’s goals and vision.​

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