Hypervision foundation team is holding proven entrepreneurship experience and the relevant technological background in hardware, near-eye optics, software, and complex multi-disciplinary projects, required to successfully achieve our goals and vision.

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Arthur Rabner, Ph.D.


An expert in near-eye optics and hardware design. Prior to co-founding HyperVision Arthur designed the optics for the XTAL1 and XTAL2 by VRGineers wide-FoV headset and was the founder of El-Vision where he developed optometric head wearable device for eye diagnostics. Arthur holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Technion, M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physical Electronics both from Tel-Aviv University. Arthur holds patents in electro-optics and is the author of multiple scientific papers.


Dror Galis


A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of professional and executive experience in the IT industry.​
Founder & CEO of Invenology and CTO of NGSoft & Balora, VP Product of F4NTEC & mBox. Dror has Extensive experience in new product launch, new market development and establishing a significant market presence and growth. ​

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Michael Kanevsky


A software architect and entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding HyperVision Michael co-founded CodeValue where he served as CTO and VP innovation, managing a team of dozens of software developers, and architecting business expansion into distributed computing, big data, AI and machine learning. Before that Michael founded Adaptive. Logic where he led development of distributed cloud systems, DSP image processing and embedded IOT. Before that Michael led an R&D group developing mission-critical systems in an intelligence tech unit in the IDF. Michael holds EE & CS B.Sc. And MBA from Tel-Aviv University.