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HO140.REV1 RDK (Gen2 Visual Engine)

The VR140.GEN2.RDK demonstrates very compact VR headset. The round HO140 lenses are shaped according to facial anatomy and 2.1” LCD with canted diagonals to demonstrate the most compact volume per visual engine. 

The 2.1" 1600x1600 MIPI LCDs by BOE (VS021XRM-NW0-DKP0) and HO140 lens combination provides 18ppd central visual acuity with edge-to-edge visual clarity and FoV of 112° (horiz) x 95° (vert); 130° diagonal.

The RDK includes IMU for 3DOF. The PC display port feeds DPto2xMIPI bridging PCBA that is splitting 3200x1600 resolution between left and right . After optimization of electronics PCB, the sunglasses form-factor of the headsets based on VR140.GEN2.RDK would be achieved.

As shown above, the RDK includes electro-opto-mechanics and software SDK. For more information please contact us.

Need more FoV - please refer to VR240.GEN2.RDK.

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