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About Hypervision

Hypervision is a deep tech innovative technology pioneer in the VR/XR world, building the next generation of Extended Reality with a true human sight Field of View (FoV) in a compact form factor​. with vision to make enjoyable and raising quality of life Metaverse.

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Extended Realty, or in its' newly emerged form, the Metaverse, is an umbrella element that includes all the immersive technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. By means of optical headsets, the Metaverse provides an experience that involves an overlap between physical and virtual realities. The physical reality is projected into the user's eyes in two primary methods: see-through (real world seen, as-is, through optical waveguides) and pass-through (world facing cameras are streaming physical world visuals through the headset processor for optional augmentation, then through microdisplays and lenses). Meta (Facebook), Apple, and many other major players are investing billions of dollars in defining the ultimate solution for the Metaverse revolution based on the above technologies

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