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HyperOcular 140 (HO140) Visual Engine

HyperOcular 140 is proprietary, patent pending, pancake lens design by Hypervision supporting up to 60ppd and FoV up to 140° and also supporting VR240 architecture where central and peripheral visual engines are seamlessly stitched providing panoramic VR scene. For wider FoV the first to the eye surface has concave shape. Other lens surfaces have non-flat curvatures and special know-how was applied to position reflective polarizer and retarder into the stack. Therefore, HO140 is unique pancake lens allowing higher PPD in central FoV and reducing PPD for peripheral FoV. In such way, for the same display about 30% to 50% more FoV is achieved while central PPD remains high. The edge to edge (-53° to +53° eye rotation) clarity is supported for pixel density of 3,000ppi.

HO140 visual engine by Hypervision rotational and peripheral FoV Field of View

The figures above shows main HO140 parameters and explains how to relate to the HO140 SPEC table below.

HO140 by Hypervision spec specifications

While the maximal FoV is 140° the system FoV is function of the display size, e.g. theoretical octo-shaped 2.9" display centered with the lens will provide 2x 70° = 140° in horizontal, vertical and diagonal measures. Practically, displays for pancake lens are smaller and for 2.27" 3240x3240 display (that was demonstrated by Innolux in 2022) the wide HO140 FoV advantage could be taken by shifting display center versus lens center as shown on the right-below:

Field of View FoV vs LCD display for HO140 visual engine by Hypervision

Therefore, in system design with that 2.27" 3240x3240 display main parameters are: PPD=34, diagonal FoV 140° and horizontal x vertical FoV is 126° x 106°

biocular horizontal and vertical field of view FoV for HO140 by Hypervision and stereo-overlap

The GEN2 HO140 lenses are available for licensing and for demonstration of HO140 and VRDom architecture (for complete human FoV) two Reference Design Kits (RDK) are available on RDK webpage, and the HO140.Rev1.RDK will be replaced by PanoVR RDK.

The HO140 is GEN2 optics by Hypervision and was designed with main goal to make compact VR form-factor. An alternative lens architecture was considered, based on GEN1 (hybrid central-aspheric-concave-Fresnel lens) by Hypervision. After detailed pros & cons analysis that is available on GEN2 vs GEN1 webpage, the pancake architecture was found as most prospective. For detailed SPEC of HO140 pancake lens please contact us.

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