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Smart Investment prior to MR market  exponential growth

    Hypervision was established in 2020 and since than $4M+ were raised from business angels club, LABS02 venture seed fund, Somnium & Co  and governmental grants. The Company is expected to become self sustainable in 2026 from sales and licensing of HO140 visual engines technology. Meanwhile, the Company got x3 grants from Israeli Innovation Authority, EU Horzion OPTIMAL Project and Binational Industrial Israel-USA foundation (BIRD). Part of the grants are requiring matching financing and therefore we are also raising equity investment funds.

   In several years the technology ingredients of VR / MR hardware & software will reach maturity and the VR / MR market is expected to start exploding exponentially such that everyone will use Mixed Reality glasses several hours a day. Unlike today VR that is used mostly for gaming, in the future the Mixed Reality is expected to be used for productivity to gain better live results in shorter time and in this way dramatic improvement of life quality is expected.


Actually, the same growth curve for Mixed Reality as for smartphones is predicted. The visual perception in Mixed Reality will stay the key factor for such broad MR adoption. The mission of Hypervision to provide to MR glasses manufacturers "Reality Visual Engines" - the meaning that the user wouldn't be able to distinguish between the visuals in MR glasses for Virtual content and by naked eye on Real content. Therefore, now is the perfect timing to join the Hypervision as a smart shareholder, one that shares the same passion and vision of the future of the Mixed Reality.

    The Company will open Round-A in the end of 2024 and meanwhile allows, discounted, Pre-Round-A to match financing of BIRD project, resolving challenges of direct aspheric lenses surfaces polarization thin-film coating. For standard SAFE of SPA investment, please contact us

XR Solemates are welcome !

   The Mixed Reality era will inevitably arrive sooner or later and XR community accelerates the process. We believe that by sharing the Company with XR soulmates and listening to collective wisdom more efficient steps will shorten the way to success. Therefore, we invite people with the same XR passion to join us as a shareholding partners. We are exploring ways to organize closed group of equity crowdfunding for XR folks sharing the same vision and inviting you to fill questionary below:

Investment Reservation & Questionary 
Opinion of the most Prioritized feature of MR/VR visual engine feature to be resolved
Interest being Shareholder (check relevant boxes)
Would you like to Represent the XR-Shareholders?

Thanks for applying ! Hope to be partners soon!

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