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The VR240.GEN2 demonstrates that with HO140 lens very compact VR headset with complete human FoV could be built. The figure below shows the mechanical form factor from different perspectives. 

VR240 based on x4 four HO140.REV1 1.6K 2.1" fast LCD  by Hypervision

The VR240.GEN2.RDK is based on VRDom architecture and uses 4x 2.1" 1600x1600 MIPI LCDs by BOE (VS021XRM-NW0-DKP0) and 4x HO140 lens combination is used. It provides 18ppd central visual acuity with edge-to-edge visual clarity and FoV of 240° (horiz) x 95° (vert).

VR240 based on x4 four HO140.REV1 1.6K 2.1" fast LCD Filed of View  by Hypervision

The RDK includes IMU for 3DOF. The PC 2 x display ports (or notebook with miniDP + Thunderbolt ports) feeds 2x DPto2xMIPI bridging PCBAs that are splitting 2x 3,200x1,600 external monitors between left (1600x1600 central + 1600x1600 peripheral) and right (1600x1600 central + 1600x1600 peripheral). After optimization of electronics PCB, the sunglasses form-factor of the headsets based on VR140.GEN2.RDK would be achieved.

VR240 based on x4 four HO140.REV1 1.6K 2.1" fast LCD block diagram  by Hypervision

As shown above, the RDK includes electro-opto-mechanics and software SDK. Special features in SDK are : (a) keystone distortions corrections for the peripheral visual modules; (b) seamless stitching between central and peripheral visual modules.


Note, that there is a possibility to increase central PPD and vertical FoV by using larger than 2.1" LCD and with higher resolution. For custom configuration please refer to Configure V/X/RR270.GEN2 headset.

Motorized Camera Testbed to demonstrate wide field of view FoV of VR240 by Hypervision

For through lens experience of 240° FoV the MCT setup is used as show from the left. Since the Fish-eye camera captures horizontal half-angle of up to 100° while tempral FoV reaches 120° the fisheye camera is rotated by 40° to reach 140° temporal FoV and to demonstrate temporal FoV of 120° and total biocular FoV of  240°.

The RDK can be ordered in bundle with the MCT, please contact us to discuss

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