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mixed reality glasses by Hypervision in 2026

The VR240.GEN2 is based on patented VRDom architecture makes enablement for VR use-cases with peripheral visual stimulations and/or awareness, previously possible only in Dome Projection Rooms (DPR). The DPR is very  expensive and rare and available for very limited audience. The VR240.GEN2 is making full awareness applications achievable for everyone and there are following exemplary use-cases categories: (1) Driving/Flight Simulators; (2) Remote operation/supervision of autonomous vehicles/robots; (3) Crowd/Immersive enhanced experience, study & decision taking (for social and commercial occasions, e.g. retail, real-estate, traveling); (4) Visual aid by augmented intensification of visual stimuli for people with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and neurological diseases. Currently, we offer VR240.GEN2 Reference Design Kit allowing customers to build own Fully Immersive XR product in a shortest time.

We started to specify own V/X/RR240.GEN2 prosumer headset and this is opportunity for the VR community to influence the SPEC. This V/X/RR240.GEN2 headset will be intended for developers, top-gamers and businesses. The headset will be modular as shown below. 

configuration of mixed reality glasses by Hypervsion

If you are interested to get notification regarding VR240.GEN2 SPECs/pre-orders, please fill the query below. Following collection of the feedback and requests we will publish the SPEC and will open possibility for pre-orders.

Configure your V/X/RR240 Headset
1.Does PC tethered VR240.GEN2 with 3DoF and basic hand controller supports your needs

Please answer if you interested in optional Add-on modules/features:

2. Inside-out 6DOF + dual hand standard controller
3. Gaze tracker
4. Face-mimics tracking (with 3D face module can reproduce exactly real face and emotions)
5. Real World pass-through Stereo Camera 240x90deg (for pass-through AR/MR)
6. Wireless solution:

Thanks for applying you V/X/RR240.GEN2 preferences! We'll get back to you soon.

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