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Visual Engines by Hypervision

Hypervision was established in 2020 and took active role in evolution of visual engines for Virtual and Mixed Reality. The GEN1 technology by Hypervision was Hybrid Aspheric-Fresnel lenses combining advantage of aspheric lenses for central vision and Fresnel lenses for peripheral vision. The concave shape and dual side Fresnel allowed to reach monocular FoV of 170degress and this technology was called HyperLens 170 (HL170). Due to emerging of pancake lenses in the industry, the HL170 wasn't taken to manufacturing stage (available as masterpiece for demos), while the focus of the Company was shifted to GEN2 visual engines based on the pancake lens modules concept.

VR optics and Visual Engines evolution to micro OLED and fast LCD by Hypervision

To support both trends of pancake lens based visual engines Hypervision is promoting:

1. HO140 (Hyper Ocular 140 degrees) - fast LCD based pancake visual engine with best performance on the market


2. HOuDpro - micro OLED based providing more compact form-factor and superior visuals over Apple Vision Pro (AVP)

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