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Polarization thin film stacks coatings on aspheric lens surfaces

Page is under constructions. It will describe project in framework of Binational Industrial R&D USA-Israel foundation (BIRD) between Hypervision and Light Polymers developing lyotropic liquid crystal (LLC) Chemistry, System and Methods to apply polarization thin films such as: (1) Cleanup Polarizer; (2) Reflective Polarizer and (3) Retarder (QWP) directly over lens aspheric surface making the Visual Engine superior from perspective of:

1. Visual Sharpness, Biggest Eyebox, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, Highest FoV

2. Reduced Ghosting Images

3. Reduced Manufacturing costs - enabling high end Visual Engines for consumer markets

Please see Press Release here:

To get early access to the information - contact us.

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