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HyperLens 170 (HL170) GEN1 Hybrid Aspheric-Fresnel Lens

HyperLens 170 is proprietary, patent pending, hybrid aspheric-Fresnel lens design by Hypervision supporting FoV up to 170° and supporting VR240 architecture where central and peripheral visual engines are seamlessly stitched providing panoramic VR scene. The lens is intended for regular size VR headsets with 3.5" - 6" displays with request for very wide field of view. 

GEN1 HL170 Hybrid Aspheric Fresnel Lens peripheral and rotational Field of View FOV
GEN1 HL170 Hybrid Aspheric Fresnel Lens SPEC specifications

Wide FoV is achieved due to concave shape of the peripheral part of the lens such that there is a difference of peripheral Eye Relief (PER=3mm) versus central Eye Relief (CER=12mm). The both sides of the lens in deep peripheral region are Fresnel based.

High visual fidelity is achieved due to 2x 32.5° = 65° central FoV zone based on bi-convex aspheric lens with absence of god-rays.

There is transitional zone for the angles 32.5° - 45° where eye facing side of the lens is smooth and display facing side is Fresnel based. The transitional zone is outside eyes-rotation comfort zone, however, when eyes are looking there, the performance is the same as with regular Fresnel lenses used in consumer VR headsets.  In that way the HL170 is gold combination of clear central vision and extremally wide FoV for peripheral FoV.

The GEN1 HL170 lenses are available for licensing and Reference Design Kits (RDK) are available to shorten time to market (TTM):

1. VR170.GEN1.RDK - based on 3.5" 1600x1440 LCD by BOE (in landscape orientation) per each eye

2. VR270.GEN1.RDK - based on VRDom full human FoV architecture, where there are stitched: central 3.5" 1600x1440 LCD by BOE (in portrait orientation) + peripheral 2.9" 1440x1440 LCD by Sharp per each eye

Need very compact form-factor of VR visual engine - see GEN2 HO140 pancake lens and GEN2 RDKs.

Contact us for more information.

No longer promoted because the industry if focusing on Pancake based lenses
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