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Business Cooperation Models

Hypervision has flexible business model from direct visual engines supply to licensing of the technology and manufacturing process to VR/MR headsets manufacturers. The process of cooperation is started from demonstration of the technology capability based on PanoVR and VR240.GEN2 RDKs. After signing NDA customer gets access to detailed SPECs of the technology and deeply evaluation for Prove of Concept (PoC) of the technology. Customer can visit Hypervision offices or organize attended visit of Hypervision to his offices. 

flow of business engagement with Hypervision

   VR/MR Visual Engines are permanently improved by the industry and to be completive Hypervsion rate of improvement is higher so in 2023 best pancake lenses based visual engine HO140 have been introduced having the best on the market performance

    The high performance reason is due to not binding ourselves to standard manufacturing process constraints, where thin films polarization control elements are integrated with flat lens surface. Each surface of our lenses is aspheric and we developed special know-how to integrate the polarization control thin-films inside the visual engine.

Business model of Hypervision to serve enterprise prosumer and consumer VR MR market by supply and licensing pancake optics

   Initial costs of HO140 manufacturing is high and therefore, our first business relations are with Enterprise VR/MR companies looking for best performance VR/MR visual engines. In parallel we are doing R&D to reduce the production costs and fit demand of Prosumer VR/MR companies in 2026. We expect that the costs of HO140 visual engines production to reach Consumer VR/MR level in 2028. 

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