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Executive Team & Previous Art

Hypervision executive team holds proven entrepreneurship experience and the relevant technological background in hardware, near-eye optics, software, and complex multi-disciplinary projects, required to successfully achieve our goals and vision. 

Arthur Rabner, Ph.D.
CEO, Founder

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An expert in near-eye optics and hardware design (ASIC, embedded computers and ME).  Arthur holds a B.Sc. in EE from Technion, M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physical Electronics from Tel-Aviv University. Holds patents in electro-optics and is the author of scientific papers.

Arthur Rabner Ph.D.
Michael Kanevsky

Michael Kanevsky
VP R&D, Founder

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A software architect and entrepreneur, co-founded CodeValue where he served as CTO and VP innovation, Experienced in distributed cloud systems, DSP imaging and embedded IOT. Led an R&D group developing mission-critical systems in an intelligence tech unit in the IDF. Holds EE & CS B.Sc. And MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

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Artur Sychov Somnium Space

Artur Sychov
VR Industry Expert

Artur is Founder and CEO of Somnium Space. He has been navigating virtual worlds for more than two decades and strongly believes in the ultimate future of Virtual Reality worlds with open and decentralized economy, amazing creation tools where imagination is the only limit. Artur has worked as an investment trader for many years before creating his first startup and becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Shimon Grabarnik Ph.D

Shimon Grabarnik, Ph.D
Director of Optical Design

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Shimon has more than 20 years of experience in optics R&D. Before joining Hypervision, he was a principal designer in Lumus, working on the design of the company flagship product (wide FOV AR NED), and before that he worked in the European Space Agency, being involved in major European and international space projects, such as Sentinel4, Flex, Solar Orbiter, MTG and others. Shimon holds a PhD from the Delft University of Technology. He authored and co-authored patents in the area of AR and VR and a number of scientific articles in optics. 

 The selected portfolio of projects done in ophthalmic technologies, near-eye optics and virtual reality is shown below.

MOGO, XTAL1 XTAL2 Visionix Opthalmic devices VR Optometry
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