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Business Cooperation Models

The main business model of Hypervision is licensing of the technology to VR/XR headsets manufacturers. The process of cooperation is started from demonstration of the technology capability based on VR140.GEN2 and VR240.GEN2 reference designs. After signing NDA customer gets access to detailed SPECs of the technology and deeply evaluation for Prove of Concept (PoC) of the technology. Customer can visit Hypervision offices or organize attended visit of Hypervision to his offices. By means of MCT by Hypervision (or own test system), customer could validate the SPEC parameters of lenses and VRDom architecture. The RDKs VR140.GEN2 and VR240.GEN2 helps to validate the user experience (UX) of extended and complete human FoV correspondingly.

We are capable and and open to discuss building complete VR/XR headset based on customer specifications. Contact us through configure preferred headset form or contact-us form.

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