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Hypervision is to present at Display Week 2023 (Los Angeles), AWE (Santa Clara)

May 23, 2023 - Yokneam, Israel

Hypervision, a startup developing innovative optical modules for VR/XR headsets, announces it will present the newly developed, 2nd generation optical VR modules at Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles, CA on May 28th,  and AWE 2023 in Santa Clara, CA on June the 2nd.

The new optics developed by Hypevision - HO140 - combines an extremely compact form factor with edge-to-edge sharpness and best in class field of view of up to 140°. 
Besides HO140, Hypervision will show VR240 - a proprietary architecture that uses HO140 modules to provide 240 degrees of horizontal field of view - widest of any headset on the market.
VR240 combines two optical modules per eye, one for central view and one for peripheral. The two modules are unified with a seamless stitching in order to provide a wide, continuous image.

Pancake optics are displacing traditional Fresnel lenses in XR headsets due to many advantages of polarization-based pancake designs – a much more compact form factor and being devoid of Fresnel artifacts. Pancake lens design, however, brings another set of challenges – lower optical efficiency, varying sharpness over the surface of the lens and a limited field of view. Hypervision have succeeded in designing a lens that provides the advantages of pancake design, while preserving sharpness over all of the lens surface and increasing the field of view by up to 50% (compared to traditional pancake design).

About Hypervision Ltd

Hypervision has been developing innovative VR optics from 2021 with the aim of addressing the main unresolved challenges of VR – bulky form factor and limited field of view. Hypervision has been the first company to showcase a complete field of view headset (of up to 270°) in a compact form factor at AWE 2021 and continues to further develop the optical technology for VR.
For more information, please visit Hypervision website at

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