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Hypervision LTD is deep-tech startup resolving VR/MR human vision related challenges

High-end Visual Engines provider for VR/MR productivity & enjoyment :
- Widest undistorted Field of View (up to 240
° horizontally, 130° vertically)
- biggest Eyebox & edge2edge clarity
- Compact size, low weight
+ R&D to resolve VR/MR Challenges:
- Vergence Accommodation Correspondence
- Dynamic Range & Brightness
- Cost reduction of high end Visual Engines 
- Effectiveness for high-end simulators & remote robotics

detailed explanation will be available4 later

The diagram shows:

1. x6 vectors for ideal Visual Engine in VR/MR

2. Current status of leading glasses: AVP, Quest Pro/3

3. Status of Hypervision in 2024

4. The goals of Hypervision toward 2026

5. The vision to have ideal Visual Engine @2030

   The mission of Hypervision is to resolve the VR bottlenecks to make us feel like in reality and experience productivity  & enjoyment VR/MR brings to us. Those days we are making  multi-national cooperation in R&D for very-compact / low-weight solution, plus Vergence Accommodation Correspondence, plus high-dynamic-range/high-brightness visual engines.

Good news for wide Field of View XR developers

Soon, VR/MR developers of applications requiring situational awareness for flight/driving simulators, remote vehicles/robots supervision or Location Based Entertainment (e.g. paintball game) will get access to the technology by Hypervision

   While doing strategic R&D above, the wide FoV challenge is already solved! In 2023 we introduced HO140 (HyperOcular supporting 140°/60ppd if working with fast LCD of theoretical size  2.7" and 6K resolution). We started from HO140.Rev1 that worked in tandem with 2.1"/1.6K fast LCDs and demonstrated two systems: (1)  HO140.Rev1.RDK based on 1xVisual Engine per eye: 3DOF VR 112°x95° and (2) VR240.GEN2.RDK based on 2xVisual Engines per eye (central + peripheral): 3DOF VR 240°x95°.


   Following collection of hundreds of requests for VR240.GEN2.RDK we confirmed the demand for wide FoV XR solution. The VR240 is based on VRDOM architecture and while covering complete horizontal FoV it is having high cost and complexity. Considering feedback that horizontal FoV of 140° to 180° could be good enough while vertical FoV wishfully to be wider, we introducing less complexity solution as described below.


   The HO140.Rev2 visual engine is working with 2.56"/2.16K fast LCDs and provides up to 130° monocular FoV (horizontal & vertical). To demonstrate the HO140.Rev2 we are building reference design kit (RDK) called PanoVR1 that configured to supply 160°x120° FoV with 80° of stereo-overlap. The architecture allows to configure the horizontal FoV from 140°x120° FoV with 100° of stereo-overlap to 180°x120° FoV with 60° of stereo-overlap, depending on user preference. There is also possibility to configure fast LCD orientation by 45° Z-axis rotation and add 2x10°= 20° for each dimension, so max FoV configuration could be 180°x130° FoV with 80° of stereo-overlap or 160°x130° FoV with 100° of stereo-overlap.

   Currently, the lenses inside HO140.Rev2 visual engine are manufactured using precision Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) machinery, then special coatings are applied and polarization control thin-films integrated, then visual engines are assembled and tunned as masterpieces, therefore having very high costs. We complete the validation and got expected results, therefore, have started transfer of HO140.Rev2 into first production batch and doing R&D in cost reduction and solution scalability. The expected timing for production ready HO140.Rev2 visual engines is end of 2024

   In parallel, we are working on PanoVR1 ergonomics, opto-mechanics and electronics. It will be PC-tethered solution with Thunderbolt 4 connection and 3DOF with possibility to add off-the-shelf trackers to extend to 6DOF. For the MR functionality, the high-bandwidth pass-through of 180°x130°/40PPD/60FPS will be considered as a next stage during 2025. The PanoVR1, 3DOF prototype will be demonstrated on AWE-USA in June 2024 and is previewed in podcast of Artur's tech tales and more below:



Screenshot 2024-04-21 152113.png

- FoV: 160°x120° (configurable from 140°x120°@100°stereo and up to 180°x130°@80°stereo)

- Based on 2.56" 2.16K fast LCD providing 21PPD in central FoV

- SDK, Unity3D example, GPU shader

- IMU 3DOF (option to use add-on for 6 DOF)

more details are coming soon


Currently we are collecting your demands therefore please fill questionary below and that will help us to consolidate PanoVR1 RDK technical specifications, priorities, roadmap and business proposal:

PanoVR1 RDK Reservation & Questionary 
Please chek boxes your Apps the wideFOV is needed for
Horizontal minimal FoV needed
Vertical minimal FoV needed
1.Does PC tethered basic PanoVR RDK supports your needs

Please answer if you interested in optional Add-on modules/features:

2. 6DOF
3. Hands controller
4. Gaze tracker
5. Face-mimics tracking (with 3D face module can reproduce exactly real face and emotions)
6. Real World (MR) pass-through Stereo Camera 180x130deg/60FPS/40PPD
7. Wireless solution:

Thanks for applying you PanoVR preferences! Your cooperation is highly appreciated !

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