End to end Metaverse Immersive presence 

Complete & Compact Field of View technology for the VR/XR world
Hypervision is an innovative technology pioneer in the VR/XR world, building the next generation of Extended Reality with a true human sight Field of View (270° FoV) in a compact form factor (Sunglasses size)

What is Metaverse

Extended Realty, or in its newly emerged form, the Metaverse, is an umbrella element that includes all the immersive technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. By means of optical headsets, the Metaverse provides an experience that involves an overlap between physical and virtual realities. The physical reality is projected into the user's eyes in two primary methods: see-through (real world seen, as-is, through optical waveguides) and pass-through (world facing cameras are streaming physical world visuals through the headset processor for optional augmentation, then through microdisplays and lenses). Meta (Facebook), Apple, and many other major players are investing billions of dollars in defining the ultimate solution for the Metaverse revolution based on the above technologies



Hypervision is taking the VR/XR immersive experience to the next level. Our experience in optics, hardware, and software, as well as experience in designing near-eye displays gives us the right set of tools to address the VR/XR world challenges.
Hypervision technology includes a multi-element optical system for complete FoV coverage (Patent pending) which includes revolutionary hybrid optical lens architecture combining aspherical, Fresnel, and diffractive elements (patent pending). Our Innovative design extends the field of view to 270° while preserving vision sharpness in a compact Form Factor





HL170 is an Hybrid lens designed for advanced Virtual Reality headsets - combining the highest visual fidelity and a field of view up to 170 degrees


VR170 (patent pending)

provides 170° FoV which is twice the standard field of view and sharpest central vision due to its hybrid lens structure combining thick Aspheric part in the center and concave Fresnel part for deep peripheral view


VR270 (patent pending)

provides 270° FoV reference design and supporting human visual perception of 210º + 2x30º eyes rotation to left and right



(Coming soon) the first of its kind, World 270°/360° foveated​ XR pass-through technology, providing 270° real world field of view combined with natural vision sharpness and addressing the challenge of compact form factor


We provide our partners a robust reference design environment which includes Electro-Optical engines & architecture for Virtual Reality headset followed by XR Sensors & Electronics to meet the requirements of Metaverse experience. ​All of our reference designs include an advanced software layer, our Hypervision XR as a Service package (HXR) which supports continuous and seamless panoramic visual view followed by auto-calibration algorithms for matching individual eye optics anatomy and physiology


Easy Integration

Hypervision created a well-defined methodology to on board its reference design partners. As part of the of the onboarding process, we provide all the required architecture documents and procedures to integrate to next generation headsets.
We are offering a turnkey solution for R&D , mass production know how, and manufacturing solutions for VR/XR