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Hypervision collaborates with prominent european VR companies Lynx Mixed Reality, vrgineers, and Somnium Spaces to introduce cutting-edge optical technology

Yokneam, Israel – May 20, 2023

Hypervision , a pioneering optical technology company specializing in VR/XR optics is thrilled to announce its collaboration with leading European VR companies - Somnium Spaces, Vrgineers and Lynx Mixed Reality.

After joining a successful an investment round in Hypervision, together with Israel Innovation Authority, these companies have formed a strategic partnership to bring Hypervision's groundbreaking optical technology to the market. Artur Sychov, the CEO of Somnium Spaces will join the board of directors of the company.

Hypervision has been at the forefront of optical technology development for VR/XR headsets since early 2021, with a specific focus on reducing form factor and expanding the achievable field of view within compact headsets. Recently, at the SPIE conference in early 2023, Hypervision unveiled their latest optical technology, the second-generation HO140 pancake lens.

The HO140 lens represents a remarkable advancement in VR/XR optical design, enabling an impressively wide field of view of 140 degrees horizontally. This surpasses any other pancake module currently available on the market, all while maintaining an incredibly compact form factor. Among other advantages of HO140 are a large eyebox, PPD support of above 40ppd and ideal fit for Mixed Reality due to zero obstruction of view angle in periphery. Additionally, Hypervision's portfolio includes the patented VR240 technology, which expands the field of view to an unprecedented 240 degrees horizontally, delivering a complete human field of view VR/XR experience.

"We are tremendously excited about the collaboration with Lynx, Vrgineers and Somnium Spaces to introduce our latest optical technology to the market," stated Arthur Rabner, founder and CEO of Hypervision.

"We firmly believe that a compact and immersive headset, that does not compromise visual quality, will drive the growth and widespread adoption of the VR/XR market. Working alongside these esteemed European VR companies is an unparalleled opportunity to achieve this goal."

The rise of pancake optics has displaced traditional Fresnel lenses in XR headsets due to their numerous advantages, including a more compact form factor and the absence of Fresnel artifacts. However, pancake lens design presents its own unique challenges, such as lower optical efficiency, varying sharpness across the lens surface, and limited field of view.

Hypervision has successfully tackled these challenges by designing a lens that not only retains the benefits of pancake design but also ensures sharpness across the entire lens surface and increases the field of view by up to 50% compared to traditional pancake designs.




About Hypervision Ltd

Hypervision has been developing innovative VR optics from 2020 with the aim of addressing the main unresolved challenges of VR – bulky form factor and limited field of view. Hypervision has been the first company to showcase a complete field of view headset (of up to 270°) in a compact form factor at AWE 2021 and continues to further develop the optical technology for VR. For more information, please visit Hypervision website at


About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open, decentralized and immersive Social VR platform powered by blockchain. Users can purchase digital land, build homes and buildings, play hyper-realistic video games, start businesses, offer concerts and live events. Artur Sychov, the founder and CEO of Somnium Space, launched the platform in 2017 and opened it to the public in September 2018

About Lynx Mixed Reality

Lynx creates high performance Virtual and Augmented Reality devices with an ecosystem based on openness and privacy. Based in Paris, it competes with US and China Big Tech offerings in AR and VR with its first product, Lynx R-1, the first standalone Mixed Reality device. Lynx works with the best technological companies on the planet like Qualcomm, Ultraleap, Nvidia and others to deliver a new paradigm of man-machine interface that will transform how we game, work, and communicate.


About vrgineers

vrgineers, Inc. is a virtual reality engineering company developing and manufacturing cutting-edge enterprise- grade VR gear for professionals. Their high-resolution VR headset platform enables clients in the automotive, architecture, industrial design, and training sectors to reinvent their work using VR. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with a U.S. office in Los Angeles.

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