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Hypervision Ltd joins OPTIMAL - EU consortium focusing on laser lithography and advanced manufacturing.

Yokneam, Israel – October 22, 2022

Hypervision , a pioneering optical technology company specializing in VR/XR optics is excited to join the OPTIMAL project, funded by EU and led by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

The OPTIMAL project will integrate for the first-time different laser lithography technologies, quality monitoring systems and processes in one platform for the development of structures with (i) high depth (150 micrometer), ii) dimensions in the range from 100 nm to sub-mm in XYZ, iii) 2D&3D shape on flat surface, (iv) combining parallel & serial patterning, (v) no need for external treatments on samples; vi) increased speed (1 cm2/min) and large area (up to 2000 cm2), vii) > 40% of reduction in the consumption of resources for the whole manufacturing process.

The OPTIMAL project uses self-learning algorithms to optimize the virtual photomask as well as integrates methods for an inline control of the laser patterning.
By accelerating and upscaling the structuring process, the OPTIMAL project will increase the process efficiency and yield, which will reduce the energy consumption, avoid material waste, decrease costs, and lead time in many applications. The platform will potentiate the possibilities in the sustainable making of high quality, versatile, less costly masters for industrial manufacturing, as demonstrated in 4 use cases (optical lenses, multifunctional riblet structures, virtual reality lens, microfluidic chips).

Hypervision is responsible for development of micro-optics boosting VR/AR displays light efficiency up to x10 times by directing individual pixels energy into the user eyebox.
The patented technology works as modified backlight for fast LCDs, as micro-lenses array for micro-OLED-displays and also could be used as a privacy add-on for regular personal monitors and smartphones, besides other applications.

About Hypervision Ltd

Hypervision has been developing innovative VR optics from 2020 with the aim of addressing the main unresolved challenges of VR – bulky form factor and limited field of view. Hypervision has been the first company to showcase a complete field of view headset (of up to 270°) in a compact form factor at AWE 2021 and continues to further develop the optical technology for VR. For more information, please visit Hypervision website at

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